"Supporting Community Livelihood"

Conditions of economic uncertainty stemming from problems of unemployment, poverty, and social inequality continue to pose challenges for the qualities of life and livelihoods of members of society. Such conditions also affect economic and national development as a whole.

Meanwhile in the social dimension, the world, including Thailand, is entering an “Aged Society” in which a portion of the working age population must now assume caretaker roles for the higher number of aged individuals. Given this, one task that all parties can support is the provision of basic needs, in the realms of healthcare, housing, and life values for all individuals in society.

Our Management Approach

The Company focuses on supporting jobs that will enable regular income creation for smallholder farmers and small entrepreneurs. We believe that job and income security contributes to good livelihoods and well-being of communities, Thailand’s economic security, and food security. We, therefore, continually carry out projects to enhance the quality of life of communities and vulnerable groups, guided by the “4Cs to Sustainability: Competency + Creation + Collabouration + (Connection)” framework, which leverages our competitive advantage as a tool to create positive impacts while reducing negative impacts on society. The Company also shares and jointly develops concepts or innovations through employee and related party engagement, and coordinates partnerships with networks, as appropriate, to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of our work over the long term.