"Protecting Biodiversity"

The Living Planet Index (LPI) revealed that between 1970 and 2014, the population of vertebrate animals decreased by 60%. This has been due to the exponential increase in demand for natural resources beyond acceptable limits, which have resulted in the continuous degradation of the ecosystems that vitally serve as natural resources for forests and the agricultural sector, and which also serve as the primary sources of sustenance for both people and animals. Given this, to continue developing the agricultural sector in a sustainable way and ensure food security, protecting diversity is not a choice.

Indeed, it is vital for the agricultural and food industry to work together to preserve and restore natural resources in order to maintain the foundation of food resources sustainably in the future.

Our Management Approach

The Company has always given due consideration to the importance of environment and biodiversity conservation across our business operations, starting from site selection, the operational sites must not be located in conservation areas in accordance with regulations. The Company also regularly assesses the potential impacts of our business activities to ensure the security of the ecosystem and to protect the country’s invaluable resources. Moreover, the Company has partnered up with the public and civil society sectors, and encouraged our employees to participate in volunteer networks that aim to conserve and restore natural resources within and outside the boundaries of CPF’s plants, farms, and at other important strategic areas across the country.

Responsible Sourcing

ECO-Friendly Manufacturing and Farming

Site Selection and Screening