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Chicken Raising Business

Broiler breeds

The chickens are maintained in closed sheds on company farms and farms where farmers and businesses collaborate to raise broilers. Automatic feeding and hydration equipment are used to control the temperature in the shed, allowing the chickens to live happily, stress-free, and well-grown lives that produce high-quality meat. Utilizing computer technology, there are also mechanisms in place to regulate breeding and control diseases on farms.

In order to provide clients with chickens that are easier to raise, grow quicker, require less time to raise, are disease resistant, and have high-quality meat, the company pays attention to and focuses on the development of new chicken breeds.

The company’s local poultry industry relies on high-quality animal feed and the provision of excellent farm management services that meet international standards in order to succeed and flourish.


To supply consumers with high-quality, safe chicken eggs that also have a wonderful taste, the company pays close attention to the creation of products, including hygiene standards.