"Improving Food Access"

Studies found that children with malnutrition are delayed in learning development compared to their counterpart. Among children with malnutrition, most of them are growing primary school students and account for 66 million in all developing countries.
Therefore, collective problem solving of malnutrition among children and youth is considered a national agenda for the country’s sustainable future.

Furthermore, consumers’ interests in issues, such as microbiological and antibiotic contaminations in foods, and health risks from consuming insanitary foods are on the rise around the world. This trend encourages the Company to conduct research and develop food products with quality, nutrition, tastiness, and safety, to respond to the changing consumer behaviors and needs. We ensure that we focus more on quality and safety control throughout the food chain

Our Management Approach

As the Company understands the importance of improving food access in a sufficient and sustainable way at the community level, especially among children and youth, we use our knowledge and expertise in food production in developing their skills and learning processes. With our network alliance, we provide knowledge about safe food consumption with accurate and adequate nutrition to children and youth.

Knowledge Management based Competency Development

Management Skills Support

Collabourative Partnership