Food Retail Outlets


Continuous expansion of investment in distribution channels.

To increase the convenience of consumers to access the company’s products,
the distribution channels of the company’s products can be divided into nine categories.

CP Five Star Business

Five Star Business is the management of Five Star sale points in franchise format, in order to create jobs and build careers to individuals who wants to operate their own business. There are products under the Five star business, namely fried chicken, ready meals and sausages.

CP Fresh Mart Retail Stores

CP Fresh Mart Retail Stores are retail stores that focus on products relating to cooking. CP Freshmart sells fresh food products, cooked and ready-to-eat products, and dry foods under standard of CP Brand, CP Fresh Mart brand, and other leading retail brand. CP Fresh Mart is an embodiment of food products that are fresh, clean, safe and high quality which focuses on building convenience in accessing foods that are good in quality and fair in prices for all communities. This has given Cambodia people access to foods that have diversity and are healthy.
CP Fresh Mart BTB

CP Fresh Shop

CP Fresh Shop

Star Coffee