Food Business

CPF integrated business includes the manufacturing of food products; therefore, the Company is able to control and inspect the quality of raw materials throughout the entire production chain. CPF production facilities are equipped with modern technologies and certified with international standards. Thus, CPF food products are well accepted in terms of quality and safety from Thai and International consumers worldwide.


CPF places great emphasis on
“Food Quality and Safety”

CPF food products are produced with modern machinery and technology. The Company also adopts international management standards and specific standards according to customers’ requirements. These systems cover the aspects of community, environment, food safety and inspection.


In addition to general quality standards that the Company received, CPF food business has been certified by various Thailand and International standards, including:

• BRC (British Retail Consortium) – Standard on food safety management of retail business in the United Kingdom
• QS Quality Scheme for Food (QS) – Standard of Germany on quality and safety food production throughout the production chain
• Global Good Agricultural Practices (Global G.A.P.) – Standard of European retailer on agricultural production
• Halal Certification – Customer specific standard to certify that food products have been produced according to the Muslim’s regulations

Innovate food products that meet consumers’ demand

CPF emphasizes on innovation of food products to satisfy consumers in each region and changing consumers’ behavior, including the development of healthy foods for consumers of all age, such as healthy food “CP-Balance”, vegetarian food “CPSmart meal”, and food for elderly people and patient.

Food Retail and Outlet

Five Star Business

Five Star Business is the management of five star sale points in franchise format, in order to create jobs and build careers to individuals who wants to operate their own business. There are products under the Five Star business, namely fried chicken, ready meals and sausages.

CP Fresh Mart Business

CP Fresh Mart Retail Store are retail store that focus on products relating to cooking. CP Fresh Mart sells fresh food products, cooked and ready-to-eat products, and dry foods under standard of CP Brand, CP Fresh Mart brand, and other leading retail brand. CP Fresh Mart is an embodiment of food products that are fresh, clean, safe and high quality which focuses on building convenience in accessing foods that are good in quality and fair in prices for all communities. This has given Cambodia people access to foods that have diversity and are healthy.