Farm Business


Company breeder farm

The Company gives importance to the research and development of improving animal breeds by natural genetic selection, as a way to derive animal breeds that have quality, and are suitable for farming conditions in each country.


The Company has operated its business of animal breeding and commercial animal farming with main types of animals including swine, broiler, layer, duck, shrimps and fish


The Company has dedicated to developing the. The Company has committed to developing the animal production the animal production process to obtain good and quality products; whereas all production processes are traceable in order to ensure the product standard to consumers.


The livestock farming with the evaporative cooling system

Livestock farming under cooling system in the closed house is equipped with automatic feeding and watering system. The temperature can be adjusted to makes animal feel comfortable and stress-free, and resulting in the proper growth according to potentials of their breeds. There are also measures for prevention and control of disease carriers into farms by using computerized system. The biogas system has also been used in swine farms, which is regarded as technology to reduce global warming and to generate electricity for use in farms.
Moreover, the Company has developed patterns of animal farms to green farms, Company’s swine farms are prototype farms which have currently been extended to layer chicken farms and shrimp farms.

Taking care of animal welfare concurrently with efficiency of animal farming per area

The animal farming research team has developed the solutions of animal farming based on the concept of understanding behavior of each type of animals together with having healthy breed and feeds with proper nutritional value for each age of animals. The Company has not used antibiotics which are forbidden for animal husbandry under the Principle of Animal Welfare of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and Standard and Regulations of European Union, which are taking into account of 5 freedom of animals, i.e., animals must be free of hunger and thirst, free from discomfort, free of pains, injury and disease, free of fear and distress, free to express normal behaviors.
In addition to ordinary quality standards that the Company received, the farm business is certified with various Thailand and International standards, including:
  • Genesis G.A.P. – Standard on good animal welfare practices
  • QS Standard-Standard of Germany on quality and safety food production throughout the production chain
  • Green Industry Level 5 – Thailand standard from Ministry of Industry to certify environmentally friendly Organization