"Enhancing Quality & Food Safety Throughout The Chain"

Food safety and quality are the foundation of food security. They also affect health of the consumers and ultimately all other aspects in relation to a country’s development.

Furthermore, consumers’ interests in issues, such as microbiological and antibiotic contaminations in foods, and health risks from consuming insanitary foods are on the rise around the world. This trend encourages the Company to conduct research and develop food products with quality, nutrition, tastiness, and safety, to respond to the changing consumer behaviors and needs. We ensure that we focus more on quality and safety control throughout the food chain

Our Management Approach

The Company’s food safety and quality enhancement starts from innovation research and development which leads to a global standard of management certified by third parties. We use automatic and robotic technologies in animal feed production, animal farming, and food production. We also have quality control and assurance with assertive measures of risk assessment, quality analysis and assessment, in parallel to receptive measures of traceability systems and product recalls, as well as listening to customers’ feedback and managing complaints. The Company also appropriately communicates clear and accurate product information so that the customers can decide and select healthy and safe products.

Research & Development

Quality Control and Assurance


Management through International Standard

Customer Care