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Animal Feed Business

Animal feeds business is a core business which the Company gives importance. The Company has continuously developed innovation for production process to obtain quality animal feeds starting from considering proper location, selecting quality raw materials, applying proper nutrition formula to meet specific nutrition requirements for different types of animal and different life stages, using modern technologies such as computerized system to control production process, including developing effective logistic system. At present, the Company’s main products include swine feeds, chicken feeds, duck feeds, shrimp feeds and fish feed.

The company has always strived to improve the quality of animal feed to international standards, making this business recognized and insured by various standards, both domestically and internationally.

  1. CEN / TS 16555-1: 2013 International Standards on New Progress Management Systems
  2. International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization Responsible Supply Chain of Custody (IFFORS COC) International standard on the use of fish powder.

Raw material: The company manages procurement on raw materials to produce animal feed. We focus on various principles, the source of raw materials and the quality, sending from the areas responsible for the production system both environmentally and labor-intensive.

With the deep research and processing of raw materials to produce quality animal feed can be used interchangeably, especially the use of protein from soybeans and grains instead of fish powder to reduce long-term environmental impact. .

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