Working at C.P. Cambodia can be an enriching and rewarding experience. As a global organization with different businesses spanning multiple industries, we can offer a unique lifetime career of sustainable learning and self-development.

C.P. Cambodia believes in the strength of its people and their potential, and is an equal opportunity employer with an active commitment to diversity. Moreover, we are an innovative organization and actively promote our employees to develop innovative products and services all the while maintaining our work environment and our work culture in line with our core values.

The Group has established the C.P. Cambodia Leadership Institute where employees can further empower themselves in their career development by instilling critical management skills and promoting ethical conduct to become better future leaders. We strongly believe that our employees are central to our success.

1. Three Benefits

C.P. Group has always operated our business by adhering to the three benefits. This is the principle that our business
should benefit not just our Company and our employees but also the communities we engage with and the countries we
operate in.

Since our Company’s foundation, this principle has guided how we have grown and also ensured that our operations
both in Thailand and around the world benefit not just our business but society as a whole.

2. Speed and Quality

Modern businesses must be fast-moving, without compromising on quality. They must be able to adapt to new
circumstances, adopt the latest technologies, respond to changing consumer tastes and preferences, all the while
responding to evolving regulatory systems.

As a result, C.P. Group places great importance on the efficiency and effectiveness of our business and of our

3. Simplification

C.P. Group holds investments in 20 countries worldwide, operating through more than 200 subsidiaries and
employing over 300,000 people.

We are therefore committed to implementing technology and innovation to streamline our systems and operations
across the entire Group, which leads to improved efficiency and greater effectiveness.

4. Adapt to Change

Global businesses face circumstances that change daily, from political events and environmental issues
through to consumer needs and technological development.

Our key strategy is to embrace change. This allows us to manage our response to evolving circumstances
across all our markets. To ensure this, we encourage all our employees to stay informed about new opportunities
so that we can deliver more to our customers.

5. Innovativeness

Innovation is the force that drives every aspect of a business from process through to products. Businesses must constantly innovate to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

We actively encourage innovation in our employees and our goal is to foster innovation across all our businesses to enable us to deliver the best products and services to our customers.

6. Integrity, Honesty & Reciprocity

Since the day we were founded, we have operated our business with honesty and integrity, and this
applies to every action we take, whether large or small.

Even as we expand into new industries, honesty and integrity remain key pillars of our philosophy. We firmly
believe that a business that focuses solely on enriching itself without regard to these values will ultimately erode
the trust of all its stakeholders, and will not be able to operate in the long term.

Join With Us

C.P. Cambodia Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 by investment of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited. The Company in Cambodia started running business with

  • Animal Feed Business
  • Poultry business
  • Swine Business
  • Food Business
  • Retail & Outlet
  • Farm Technician
    • Major:Technician, Electrical and related fields
  • Farm Technician
    • Major:Technician, Electrical and related fields
  • Technician
    • Major:Technician, Electrical and related fields
  • Mechanician
    • Major:Mechanical and related fields
  • Feed Quality Control
    • Major:Food Technology, Agro-Industry
  • Business Training Staff
    • Major:Marketing, management and related file
  • Marketing Staff
    • Major:Marketing, Management and related file
  • Veterinary Technical Service
    • Major:Veterinary medicine
  • Food packing Staff
    • Major:Food Technology, Agro-Industry
  • Swine Breeder Husbandry
    • Major:Veterinary medicine, animal science and other related file

and the Company operates in the livestock businesses (broilers, layers).  Career opportunity with positive working atmosphere.

Documents for Job Application ( All Positions)

  • Copy Khmer National ID card
  • Copy Family Book
  • Copy Birth Certificate
  • Copy Driver’s license, motorbike or vehicle (if any)
  • CV + Cover Letter
  • Copy Certificate of Degree / Certificate of Study
  • Copy Transcript
  • Copy Certificate of Internship and / or Certificate of Attendance
  • Photo (4 x 6 cm)

Interested candidates can submit CV and Cover letter with recent photo also salary expected to the contact details below. Apply :

Address : C.P. Cambodia, #0227E, National Road No.4, Kambol  Village, Sangkat Kambol, Khan Por Sen Chey, Phnom Penh ( In front of Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone)

1 Phone Number 090 731 898 /081 491 689
 2 Email
 3 Line
 4 Telegram