Animal Feeds Business

Feed is the cornerstone of animal farming and quality food production.​ CPF’s feeds are accepted and trusted by farmers in Cambodia and all over the world.


Animal feeds business is a core business which the Company gives importance. The Company has continuously developed innovation for production process to obtain quality animal feeds starting from considering proper location, selecting quality raw materials, applying proper nutrition formula to meet specific nutrition requirements for different types of animal and different life stages, using modern technologies such as computerized system to control production process, including developing effective logistic system. At present, the Company’s main products include swine feeds, chicken feeds, duck feeds, shrimp feeds and fish feed.

The centralized unit to coordinate the purchasing of raw materials used in the production of animal feeds
Regarding the purchasing of raw materials, the Company shall take account of the related criteria including the quality and sources of raw materials which must come from the responsible source in terms of environment and labour. The Company researches and develops substitutable raw materials with equivalent quality for animal feeds production, particularly the use of protein from soybeans and grains instead of fish meal in order to support guidelines for reduction of long-term environmental impacts.
Customers’ success in animal farming shall lead to collabourative sustainability of animal feeds business
The Company attaches great given the importance to providing technical animal husbandry services and proper farm management to its customers. These are key factors to promote of healthy animals with good feed conversion ratio.
The feedmills are located covering animal farming areas
The company directly supplies to large animal farms and distributes through animal feeds dealers. The company applies automatic system in the production process to reduce impacts to employees’ health, and has developed the production process for effective use of resources and reduction of environmental impacts, and has taken care of the biodiversity in areas of factories and nearby communities.
The Company continuously improves feed quality to meet international standards. Thus, Feed business is well accepted and certified with various Thailand and International standards including:
  • CEN/TS 16555-1:2013 – Standard on Innovation Management
  • BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) – Standard on good aquaculture production throughout the production chain starting from aquatic feedmill farm and processing plant
  • International Fishmeal and fish Oil Organization’s Responsible Supply Chain of Custody (IFFO RS CoC) – Standard on sustainable use of fishmeal