Leading Agro-Industrial and Food Conglomerate

CPF operates integrated agro-industrial and food business, including livestock and aquaculture such as swine, broiler, layer, and fish. The businesses are categorized into 3 categories, namely Feed, Farm and Food. The Company also operates retail and foods outlets



Feed Manufacturing and Distribution

The company is on of the world’s leading animal feed manufactures. We bring along extensive expertise and experience in researching and innovating animal feed products and production. The quality of our feed production is assured by computerized systems and automation as well as adherence to international standards. We also provide technical services to our customers.

Feed is the cornerstone of animal farming and quality food production.
CPF’s feeds are accepted and trusted by farmers in Cambodia and all over the world

Technology & Production


Stock Management


Lab – Quality



Animal Breeding, Animal Farming and Primary Processing

The company engages in farm business, starting from selection and development of breeding based on the demands of each locality as well as utilization of advanced and eco-friendly technology throughout farming period. We underline animal well being and comply with the international animal welfare standards to deliver best quality and food safety.

Strong breed, quality feed and good farm management are critical factors for sustainable success of
CPF’s farming business in Cambodia and in other countries worldwide.


Vet Service

Poultry Farm Cambodia

Poultry Business


Swine Business



Production of Cooked and Ready Meal Products

The company is determined to develop food products with the aim to deliver great taste, utmost convenience, and a variety of healthy food choices in in with the changing trends and different life sages of consumers. We place importance on internationally-certified manufacturing standards and customer-centric product development. In addition, we invest in distribution channels for even more convenient access of consumers to our products.

CPF integrated business includes the manufacturing of food products; therefore, the Company is able to control and inspect the quality of raw materials throughout the entire production chain. CPF production facilities are equipped with modern technologies and certified with international standards. Thus, CPF food products are well accepted in terms of quality and safety from Cambodia and International consumers worldwide.


Food Processing


Food Quality


Chicker Part


Retail and Distribution Business Group / Retail and Distribution Business line

To provide consumers with more convenience to access its products, the Company has invested to expand its distribution channels.


 CP Five Star


Star Coffee


CP Fresh Mart

The Company has been using computerized system to control its production process for over 40 years, as well as adapting international standards, which have been continuously certified by 3rd party agencies (GMP, HACCP).

Animal feed – swine feed, chicken feed, both in the form of concentrated feed and complete feed in powder and pallets.

Breed Stock

Providing technical advice on farm management


The Company places its importance starting from the beginning of the production process by sourcing high quality raw materials, going through analysis and quality control process in laboratories certified with international standards.

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Poultry Business

Broiler breeder

Employs fully enclosed animal housing with Evaporate Cooling System. Automatic feeding and watering has been provided with lighting appropriate for each type of animals. The Company’s animal houses are free of transmission or spreading of diseases from animals and insects and controlled by computerized system throughout the period of animal husbandry.


Native breeder

Layer breeder


Poultry Business

Broiler Chicken


Native Chicken

Native chicken from quality parent stocks from certified farm and hatchery, CPF day-old chicken are high quality, healthy and meaty



Swine business:
Company breeder farm

The Company gives importance to the research and development of improving animal breeds by natural genetic selection, as a way to derive animal breeds that have quality, and are suitable for farming conditions in each country.

Comprehensive research and development has resulted in the better growth of animal within shorter time periods, higher feed consumption, better Feed Conversion Ratio, higher survival rates, sturdy, and better immunity towards diseases. This is suitable towards creating safe and high quality foods for consumers.

In addition to the Company’s own farm, the Company has also a project to promote animal farming to farmers in Cambodia. The selected farmers shall be provided with the Company’s support in terms of animal breeds, feed, veterinary supplies and technical knowledge on animal farming to the same standard as the Company’s own farm. Therefore, the farmers can select feed appropriate to each animal type and breed.

The Company gives meticulous attention to the slaughtering process as it is one of the important steps to obtain key raw material which will directly impact the quality of safe foods free of residual. CPF strictly complies with animal welfare standards, starting from gently catching of chicken.

The Company strives to develop quality and safety in the whole production process, by utilizing technology and robotics together with international management standards

The Company strives to develop quality and safety in the whole production process, by utilizing technology and robotics together with international management standards

CP Five Star

CP Five Star is the management of 5-Star sale points in franchise format, in order to create jobs and build careers to individuals who wants to operate their own business.

Star Coffee

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CP Fresh Mart Retail Store

CP Fresh Mart Retail Store are retail stores that focus on products relating to cooking. CP Fresh Mart sells fresh food products, cooked and ready-to-eat products, and dry foods under standard of CP Brand, CP Fresh Mart brand, and ot her leading retail brand. CP Fresh Mart is an embodiment of food products that are fresh, clean, safe and high quality.